by My Girlfriend Beru

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After a carefree growing period, a cruel winter and a fruitful harvest, these are our peaches.


released March 31, 2016

Michael Zimmer: Guitars, Vocals, Percussion, Melodica, Synthesizers
Daniel Rothenberg: Guitars, Vocals, Keyboard
Kevin Allen: Bass, Vocals
Theo Czajkowski: Drums, Vocals

Engineering, Mixing & Mastering - Lena Sutter

Album Photography - Darren Cheng
Art & Design Direction - Megan Lewin-Smith

All Songs Written & Produced by My Girlfriend Beru
Additional Production - Lena Sutter



all rights reserved



My Girlfriend Beru Detroit, Michigan

Michael, Daniel, Kevin, & Theo.

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Track Name: If You Leave
CHORUS: If you leave, you'd better run away from me, cuz if you leave, I'm coming after you.

VERSE 1: (You better run) I would cross the ocean, oh I would walk across the sun.
(You better run) Cuz your smile burns brighter than anyone's
(You better run) Yeah you're brighter than the Northern Lights, better than any of those tourist sites
(You better run) And it is totally unfair how desperately I am in love with you


VERSE 2: (You better run) Oh I would you give you my jacket, as long as it was warmer than 32 degrees.
(You better run) And I would sing you the things that indie rockers sing.
(You better run) I would listen to all your problems and I'd be the one who caused them.
(You better run) And it is totally unfair how perfect, how perfect, how perfect you are.

Track Name: Corrine
VERSE 1: I don't think about you until I am looking at your well worn face, my Corrine.
Let me in, I'm fading. What is it that I need to do in order to get close to you?

CHORUS: Was that a smile or is it just my brain? (Oh, Corrine)
Lie down with me so I can remain sane. (Oh, Corrine)
Now I see you heading for the door. (Oh, Corrine)
And you know I won't be speaking anymore.

VERSE 2: Cut me dead, this I dread. Although, even the pain you cause me lingers so sweetly.
I am me, you are I. Be sure you do not bite into the apple of your eye.


BRIDGE: And it's so bad to see you go.
I need a gun, I need a rope.
It's so bad to see you go.
Because the sun turns to smoke.

Track Name: Apartment
VERSE 1: When we go back to your apartment I will pass out onto your carpet.
In the morning I hear you vomit, so I'll leave without us talking.

CHORUS: You know I love to see you cry; you know I love to see you cry.
Every word that I've said to you is probably a lie, cuz you know I love to see you cry.

VERSE 2: When we go back to your apartment, I will leave right when you need me.
I will tell you what you want to hear; please don't, please don't make me say your name.


BRIDGE: No, no you don't really love me. You, you just need somebody.
And I, I don't really love myself. So I'll treat you like shit and put you on the shelf.

Track Name: Prelude
VERSE 1: Prayers on fire on a jumbo-tron predating the coming of Spring.
I saw your face in a fever dream but I couldn't say a thing.
This desert wind shakes the golden sand and all these charlatans of the rapture.
The steady warmth of a lover's hand is all that I'm wishing to capture.

CHORUS: Is there a world outside your window?
You just don't know that yet.
Is there a world outside your window?
You just don't know that yet.

VERSE 2: Just a thief in the prime of life; I'd like to steal you a sonnet.
Something sweet like a farmer's wife, or timeless like a cobalt comet.
A nonbeliever in the house of God; why, then, does no one eject me?
The train rolls steady towards oblivion as we pass over the Dead Sea.

CHORUS: I am writing you a novel to tell you how I feel.
I can provide you with a bookmark; I just hope you keep an even keel.

CHORUS: I am writing you a poem to pass away the time.
And after all of it escapes us, I hope to find your hand in mine.
When your angels all befall, you I can be your trampoline.
And when your language fails you, dream a dream of you and me.
Track Name: Broken Glass Menagerie
VERSE 1: A pair of opal eyes adorning marble statue body; it's a sinful sensation.
They say you've got it in for me this time; well have you got it in for me this time?
I've got these empty bottles; they convince me otherwise.
Indiscreet identities, cut me open would you please.
Indiscreet identities, cut me open would you please.

CHORUS: I won't fall for you.
I'll just crawl to you.
When I call for you, please don't turn around.

VERSE 2: So! Humor me while I digress; peering eyes and a flight of steps.
Just can't seem to keep our inhibitions.
When I see you standing in that corner, it's a chemical reaction and instinctual warning.
Let's fulfill our carnal obligations.
Indiscreet identities, cut me open would you please.
Indiscreet identities, cut me open would you please.


BRIDGE: How many times have you heard this one before?

Walking on a broken glass menagerie.

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